Angel Calm


Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. Stress can increase your heart rate and elevate levels of stress hormones and of blood pressure, taking a major toll on the body. Long-term ongoing stress can increase the risk for hypertension, heart attack, or stroke. Angel Calm was created by physicians to naturally relieve stress, calm tension, and bring back a feeling of tranquility.
Calm your body and mind with our vegan formula that has been perfected over years of testing these ingredients. Angel Calm will help support feeling rested and full of energy with a positive outlook.*

Formulated for women and men concerned with anxiety and high levels of stress.

1303.4 mg Per Serving all-natural Proprietary Blend of vitamins and herbs Supplement, Natural Anti-Stress Relief*


• Serving size: 2 capsules ​
• Servings per container: 30 ​

• Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals along with a Proprietary Blend of anti-stress relief
ingredients like Gotu Kola Extract (whole plant), Lemon Balm Extract (leaf),® Rhodiola Rosea
Extract (leaf), Sensoril Ashwagandha Extract (root and leaf), Taurine, Ginkgo Biloba Extract
(leaf), ReloraTM blend of Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract and Phellodendron Amurense Bark
Extract, Suntheanine® L-Theanine, Inositol ​

• Other ingredients: Vegetable capsule, silicon dioxide. No artificial colors, artificial flavors, milk
or milk derivatives or sodium added.


What is the recommended usage for this product?
ANGEL CALM is a physician-formulated supplement for reducing stress and anxiety naturally. It is recommended for supporting an increased feeling of calm and stress reduction in women and men. Take 2 capsules per day for optimal results.

Has this product been tested?
Studies have shown that replenishing certain nutrients that are low or absent in your body can
support your system’s ability to increase calm and reduce stress. The premium ingredients of
this unique, high-potency nutrient blend is correlated to an increased feeling of calm and
reduction of stress in the body.

Where is this product manufactured?
Angel Pure MD’s ANGEL CALM is manufactured in the USA in an FDA-registered facility that
adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

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