About Us

Angel Pure MD’s supplements work to provide your body with the ingredients it needs to be balanced and thrive. As a clinician, Dr. Mathur develops formulas with natural ingredients to enhance your health, function and the overall well-being of your body. Nutrients that have been proven effective over time from the best of Ayurvedic and Western systems with clinically proven results.

Each of Angel Pure MD’s products use ingredients tested for safety, purity, and effectiveness to deliver products that set new standards of excellence. We are committed to delivering the most reliable nutritional solutions you can count on.

Anju Mathur, MD

Dr. Anju Mathur is board-certified in anti-aging medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine with over a decade of experience in anti-aging and longevity medicine.

Her philosophy is to use the latest advances in anti-aging medicine to restore youthful energy and vibrant health. She strives to extend the human lifespan using a combination of natural means, such as customized natural therapies, fitness plans and effective nutrition which includes Angel Pure MD supplements. With years of experience in anti-aging and longevity medicine, Dr. Mathur has treated thousands of patients helping women and men achieve a higher quality of life.